Shopper's Journey

1. Discovering the eBoutique

Shoppers will discover your eBoutique through various channels such as your organization's website, social media, or promotional materials. Upon entering the eBoutique, shoppers will browse through the product catalog with artwork and designs already applied. They'll explore the variety of products available and discover options for personalization to tailor the products to their unique needs.

2. Personalizing their Selection

Shoppers will have the opportunity to personalize their chosen item by selecting from a range of personalization options such as adding their name, their number, or adding a special design. This step allows them to create customized products that reflect their individual style and preferences.

3. Placing their Order

Once satisfied with their personalized selection, shoppers will proceed to place their order through the user-friendly interface of the eBoutique. They'll review their choices, provide necessary details, and complete the transaction securely. During checkout, shoppers will have the option to choose between pickup or shipping, depending on the options and their preferences. 

4. Receiving Order Confirmation

After placing their order, shoppers will receive an order confirmation email, providing details of their purchase and confirming that their order has been successfully received.

5. Post-Order Confirmation

Once the sales event concludes, Horizon Promotion will begin processing the eBoutique User's custom order, which takes approximately 30 days. If any item cannot be delivered within this timeframe, Horizon Promotion's team will contact the eBoutique User directly. The eBoutique User will then have the option to choose a similar item available within the 30-day timeframe, request a refund, or agree to a new estimated delivery time.

6. Production and Fulfillment

With the sale's event concluded, our team will begin the production and fulfillment process. Using our batch production approach, we'll efficiently produce and ship all orders at once, ensuring a streamlined process and timely delivery to the shoppers.

7. Receiving their Package

Shoppers can expect to receive their package within the specified timeframe, containing their personalized items carefully packaged and ready to enjoy. They'll appreciate the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that went into creating their customized products.

8. Ongoing Satisfaction

The shopper's satisfaction is our priority, even after the order has been delivered. We value their feedback and are here to support them every step of the way. Whether they have questions, need assistance, or simply want to share their experience, our dedicated team is ready to help. Their input guides us in enhancing our services and ensuring continued satisfaction. eBoutique Users can find all of our contact information here.

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